BYO Care Plan Pricing

Need help with your existing ecommerce store but don’t need a rebuild?
Whether your store needs some new features to boost sales or just  some TLC and bug fixes, we have several BYO Website Care Plan subscriptions that offer unlimited development with fast turnaround times at fixed & affordable (non-agency) prices.


We get that it's an important decision

You may have concerns like:

  • Will we take ages to do small tasks without providing any updates?
  • Do we need to be followed up multiple times or do we even stop responding to emails?
  • Will we end up charging large fees but deliver very little work in return?
  • Does the largest & loudest client who pays the highest fees get priority over us?
  • Would we get the job done right and do things go back and forth a million times?
  • Will it be a pain to handover your website(s) from your current developer to us?

We totally get it and have heard all types of complaints about agencies.

Firstly, we are not an agency.

We’re ecommerce specialists – so all we do is ecommerce (Shopify and BigCommerce) with the aim of offering SMEs an affordable and practical alternative to a traditional agency.

We charge a fixed fee each month for unlimited support and development. There’s no such thing as excess or hourly rates here – and yes, it’s truly unlimited. That way, you’re not paying top dollar by the hour for an intern or junior to gain experience on your valuable website.

Actually, we only hire senior developers and maintain a generous developer to client ratio to ensure that your website gets the time and attention it deserves.

But what’s the catch? 

Well, if you really need phone support, multiple account managers, regular F2F meetings or extended workshops with 5+ people with important job titles in a waterfront or hip office and to be taken out for nice lunches – then you won’t get that here (hint: go to a top-tier agency for that 🤑).

Instead, we work 100% remotely and provide our services “only only” – quickly contactable via an email ticketing system.

We have clearly defined & refined processes which are hyper-focussed around fast turnaround times and replying to your emails quickly. With just a single support channel to monitor and less distractions, our team can concentrate on getting your tasks done as efficiently and accurately as possible.

Plus, there’s dedicated client success managers who will keep an eye on your tickets and work closely with the development team to ensure nothing gets missed, as well as reducing back and forth emails. And at any time, you can sign in to your client portal to check progress on your tickets.

And how do we stay accountable to your goals?

We meet a few times a year over Zoom to discuss your ecommerce strategy to put together a road map for the next 3 – 6 months. Then we focus on getting all of those things done in time for the next strategy workshop, as well as being flexible enough to take on new tasks and priorities that come up along the way (without having to send you a quote 2 weeks later for something that’s “out of scope” – sound familiar?).

So what’s next?

Check out the plans below and book in a time to have a chat with an ecommerce consultant – not a salesperson – to see whether we have a plan suitable for your requirements.

When you’re ready to start with us, handing over your website doesn’t need to be painful or awkward with your current developer. We’ll give you a list of everything you need and how to get access to it, or we can even get in touch with your current developer on your behalf.

And did we mention our Money Back Quality Guarantee?

If our turnaround times and quality of work are not as promised, let us know what went wrong and we’ll fix it AND refund your money for that month. Sure, our egos and bank balance might hurt from it – but we want you to know that we have skin in the game and that we’re in this with you for the long haul as partners.

Care Plans for BYO Ecommerce Sites

For Existing BigCommerce and Shopify Stores
Business Care Plan
$897(AUD) Per Month
  • Perfect for continuous small website enhancements done for you to boost sales, plus two ecommerce consultations a year.
  • Unlimited email support and guidance for BigCommerce or Shopify usage
  • Daily content changes up to 1 hour
  • Issue diagnosis up to 1 hour
  • Configuration changes up to 1 hour
  • Updates to apps, software and theme versions
  • Basic script installation
  • Complimentary sandbox environment
  • 2 x Ecommerce strategy consultations per year
  • Unlimited 1 hour development tasks
  • Money back quality guarantee*
Enterprise Plus Plan
From $2,997(AUD) Per Month
  • Multiple storefronts/domains or needs lots of work done on your website by a dedicated specialist? This plan's for you!
  • Unlimited email support and guidance for BigCommerce or Shopify usage
  • Unlimited content changes
  • Unlimited issue diagnosis
  • Unlimited configuration changes
  • Updates to apps, software and theme versions
  • Script installation
  • Complimentary sandbox environment
  • 4 x Ecommerce strategy consultations per year
  • Unlimited non-project development tasks
  • Assigned dedicated developer
  • Assigned dedicated consultant
  • Google Search Console management
  • SEMRush report analysis and improvements
  • Heat maps and session recordings
  • Priority support queue
  • Money back quality guarantee*

Prices above exclude GST.

Optional paid add-ons are available such as specialised technical skills, additional dedicated resources or adding more storefronts/domains.

Frequently Asked Questions