\reɪn\ v : be the best or most important in a particular area or domain.

Your Digital Reign

From humble beginnings in 2007 as ‘KwikWeb’, Reign is an established ecommerce consultancy based in Sydney, Australia, with a lean and scalable team of local and international talent. Our mission is to deliver digital solutions which rival those of large, top-tier agencies without the delays and red tape associated with supporting big teams and heavy management.

Established solely via word of mouth recommendations, our client base is a careful selection of small-to-medium businesses and publicly listed companies in a variety of industries including apparel & fashion, food & hospitality, manufacturing & industrial, medical & pharmaceutical, professional services and retail. Well-known clients include H&R Block, Mad Mex, Grace Removals Group, Sandler Shoes, Gelatissimo, Autosports Group and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

Rather than just doing one-off projects, we are focussed on building long-term partnerships with our clients to help them achieve consistent return on investments and ongoing growth. Our key differentiators in a very competitive industry include:

  • Real-world commercial and entrepreneurial experience to ensure we effectively assist in our clients’ growth through online channels
  • Generating consistent returns on investment via cohesive end-to-end digital strategies, including search engine optimisation, Google AdWords, conversation rate optimisation, and ERP and CRM systems integration
  • Quality over quantity with adherence to timelines and budgets whilst still maintaining rigorous testing procedures and high attention to detail
  • Passionate developers dedicated to best practice, efficiency and keeping up to date with the latest technologies
  • A proven track record of long-term partnerships with repeat clients, suppliers and industry experts thanks to developing successful win-win relationships over the past 10+ years
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5 Reasons to Work with Reign

While we prefer to let our work speak for itself, we strive to exemplify the following principles in everything we do at Reign.

  • entrepreneurship-1

    Real world business experience

    We are an ecommerce consultancy with real world experience in starting and growing online businesses. From startups to established businesses, we can relate the challenges of running and growing your business. Instead of just focussing on coding your website and making it look pretty, we genuinely enjoy looking at the bigger picture, identifying practical opportunities for growth and ‘talking shop’ with you instead of just engaging in ‘geek speak’ and confusing you with technical jargon.

  • word-of-mouth-2

    Built entirely on word of mouth

    Our very first client came about from a chance meeting in 2003 between Reign’s founder and an acquaintance who needed a humble website. This fateful opportunity was the catalyst for many more word of mouth recommendations leading to over 200 completed projects internationally. Today, Reign continues to receive introductions from satisfied clients, digital and online marketing agencies, creative design agencies, web hosting companies, consultants, software/hardware vendors and extensive business contacts. Recommendations are the lifeblood of our business so you can be assured that maintaining our reputation by achieving great results for each and every client is our utmost priority.
  • roi-2

    Return on Investment

    Every dollar a client puts into their digital strategy is an investment. Whether it’s into their website, online marketing or systems development, the need to generate a positive return on investment comes first. If a client enquires about implementing an expensive new system or enhancement, we would first perform a cost-benefit analysis and would be happy to recommend lower cost alternatives if we believed that more benefits could be gained. By putting our clients’ best interests first, it creates a win-win scenario where their positive returns can be reinvested into further growth which results in repeat business for us.
  • partnerships

    Long Term Partnerships

    We believe that the traditional ‘boss/worker’ model that exists between many clients and web developers does not equate to long-term success. We work in a partnership model that aligns both our clients’ interests and ours so that all parties are motivated to achieve a common goal. Further, there is no single company that can specialise in everything digital and do everything well at a reasonable price point. Having been in the industry for over 10 years, we’ve established a broad network of collaboration partners consisting of experts in particular specialisations. As their work has a bearing on our reputation, partners are carefully selected from the top of their respective fields so that we can assemble the best possible teams for our clients.
  • best-practice

    Best Practice

    Cutting corners isn’t our style. Besides, the time required to fix issues resulting from shoddy shortcuts far exceeds the time taken to doing it the right way in the first place. Rather than being haunted by the ghosts of shoddy coding, we follow best practice in everything we do. On top of many other practices, this involves adhering to the latest coding and security standards, tight code control, deploying to a staging environment for thorough testing prior to deployment to production, and not modifying core files of frameworks and systems to ensure future upgradeability.

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